Numbers 11:29 ALL God’s People . . .

Numbers 11:29 “And Moses said unto him, Enviest thou for my sake? would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!”

I apologize for the lack of a study yesterday, but pray still that you continued in the Word of God apart from these!

Today, we look at something we must remember. It’s quite common among Christians to see that so many glorify certain men and women of God who teach. They quite often begin to speak of this or that brother or sister, as though that person were awesome, despite their simply being another brother or sister . . . whose difference is only that they sought God, and to work for the Lord. Now it’s fine to encourage teachers and ministers by saying they’re doing good, and they are helping you and so many others. Yet we have to never forget what we’ve talked about many times in past studies (which even though it’s probably been over 2 years, I pray the Word stuck)!

The Lord our God does not want us to put specific people on a pedestal and look to them to do mighty things for God. God wants us to realize . . . He wants US—all of His People—to do those mighty things for Him.

Today’s verse shows what Moses said when it was reported that two of the people started prophesying and doing what Moses was doing. Moses was told to tell them to stop, and in return he told them that he loves that others were being filled with the Spirit of God, and that he would love it if ALL God’s people did the same thing! One of the things that Moses asked, is important: Enviest thou for my sake? They were trying to save Moses’ reputation . . . they were trying to keep Moses on a pedestal, and were afraid that if others did what Moses did, then Moses might’ve been kicked out of his position. They figured that they were doing a good thing for Moses.

A similar situation happened with John the Baptist, and his disciples, in John 3. John’s disciple’s tried complaining to him about how Jesus was drawing more people to Him than John. John’s reply was that Jesus must increase, but John must decrease. Now that doesn’t mean that because it involved Jesus physically doing these things, that we can dismiss it. The point of the matter is that God is so much more pleased when ALL His People teach, minister, preach the gospel, lead others, and perform miracles, not when just a select few who have been lifted on shoulders do it!

There have even been times in my own life, where people have come to me in the similar fashion and basically complained that someone else was doing what I did, or someone else was doing something they thought I was “more qualified” to do. I always replied that seeing someone else do it, is good to hear! I’m definitely not all for being lifted up, or having some sort of monopoly on the Spirit of God!

Let me ask this: How much do you think God can do in this world, if All the preachers of churches got together and went to the streets to witness to people? How fast do you think God could get the message of salvation to all parts of the world? Now think of this though . . . what if every member of each of those churches, allowed the Spirit of God to move in their lives and THEY taught, THEY preached, THEY witnessed to the world . . . how much do you think God could do then? What was first, thousands of preachers, has now become millions of children of God!

The only problem is that so many believers honestly don’t want to be used by God. Then again, those who might want to be used by God, feel they aren’t adequate. Yet even more, those who want to be used, and know they can be used, just plain don’t want to put in the hard work it takes to study the Word of God, Pray, Believe in Faith, and get moving! Instead many like to look toward a brother or sister, to teach them and be over them. There’s many reasons for that, but we won’t really go into all that for lack of time.

Today in the Word of God, we are reminded yet again, how important it is that ALL of us move and work for God. We can’t let the teachers, the pastors, do all the work! The lost souls in this world, will listen more to church members than to pastors. They will listen to those who they feel are “on their level” rather than someone they feel has “had practice” at convincing or teaching or anything like that. They feel pastors and teachers and ministers “have” to say these things. But someone else saying it, REALLY means something in their eyes!

We’ve heard this many times, and we will hear it many more times as God would have it: don’t think that because you are not a licensed and ordained minister, that you are exempt from working for God, and teaching God’s Word! Look at me, am I a licensed and ordained minister? No. I’m just a brother in Christ who has allowed God to teach him His Word, and who has the responsibility (as we all do), to spread whatever knowledge God gives him, to others.

Let’s never forget, that God wants all of us to be filled with His Spirit, and to do amazing things for Him in this world while we are here for such a short time! So seek His Face, His Teaching, His Spirit, His Guidance . . . and start moving!

I love all of you so much with brotherly love, and do continue to pray for you. Please keep me in your prayers, as I truly need them! I pray that God Blesses you abundantly, and that you see His blessings! I pray you continue in His Word always, and as you do, may you have an absolutely wonderful day today!

Love always in Christ,
Your friend forever,
And brother,

Psalm 111:1 “Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation.”