1 Timothy 5:21 Being Partial to Others

1 Timothy 5:21 “I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.”

Today’s verse, is a great reminder, that we must not speak the Truth or do anything with partiality! There are so many times, partiality is shown in the world today. Even amongst the Children of God! Sometimes some people witness to those they like, that they might be saved and redeemed by the Lord our God. Other times some might not witness because they don’t like the person. Sometimes, a child of God will stand firm and rebuke the sin of some because they don’t want them to sin again. Other times, they will hold their peace . . . because they say they don’t want to offend or hurt the one they love. All this, is honestly hateful. To withhold the truth to some, while sharing abundantly to others, is hateful. If we love someone, will we not instead tell them of the Truth that is so full of life? As in the verse before today’s: (Verse 20) “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.” Such a thing is done to save a brother or sister from bringing spiritual harm to his or her own self through that sin committed! To not rebuke, or to not show someone that he or she has sinned, is truly showing a lack of love. Yet most definitely, we are not to go around telling so many, “You’re a backslider! Repent, now!” No, we have to, in meekness, lift the brother or sister up from the dust and the pit he or she has fallen into, and help that person walk uprightly once more. This is love. Love is not walking past a brother or sister who has fallen into a pit through a trap of Satan’s, and then keep walking, thinking to yourself “I wish I could help them, or tell them, but I just don’t want to make them upset with me!” Then maybe pray, “Lord, please let them know they have sinned and fallen in the pit.” Sure, we can pray, we must pray actually, but the problem arises when we pray those words, and our Lord lovingly reminds us, “I tried. I sent you along to lovingly tell them, and help them up.” It may be hard for us to rebuke those we love, because we have the fleshly thought: “They will get upset with me!” But in all truth, if that person gets upset with you, it probably will be for only a short time, before God helps them realize that we only told them the truth, because we do love them. If we see a child, our own child, playing with a lighter or lit match, do we think to ourselves whether we should rush over and stop them or not, for fear that they may get upset with us? If we do, then truly our love is not real. This is the same with our brothers and sisters in Christ, who have stumbled in their walk with our Father. They may not realize their fall, or they may in fact be praying for someone to come along and tell them, to help them walk again—a shoulder to lean on.

Our love for others, demands that we do not show partiality in the Truth, to any soul. To the lost soul, let us not show partiality to witness to some, and to others we choose not to witness. To our brothers and sisters, let us not withhold the Truth we have found in the Word of God, or a thing that God has shown us, for fear of offending or being misunderstood. Let us pray always though, for this is the Word of God we are handling and speaking to others. God is no respecter of persons, neither should we be respecters of persons. As is said in James 2:1 “My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.” As we carry with us the Word of God, the Truth of Christ Jesus, which we have been so very blessed to receive, who are we to deny the Truth to others?

Some show such partiality because they wish to not offend or not hurt another person they love. But such love is not Godly, but is earthly and is the will of the world and men. It, in truth, is hatred and needs to be rebuked. This is as Peter did with our Lord Jesus in Matthew 16:22-23. Jesus just finished telling Peter that he was blessed because he knew that Jesus was the Son of God, and then went on to mention to all His disciples that He must suffer and be killed. Peter then spoke to Jesus, in this worldly love, “Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee. But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offense unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” If we withhold the Truth, or if we tell the Truth with partiality instead of being no respecter of persons, doing so because we THINK we love a person too much to possibly offend them, then we are listening to Satan himself, and are seeking not the things of God, but the things of men! The Truth spoken without partiality is not done because of lack of love, or because you don’t care what one thinks or how one feels. Are we to say that Christ Jesus our Lord rebuked Peter so fiercely, because He didn’t love, or didn’t care, about Peter? Definitely not! Did Jesus say that whoever rejects Him, rejects God, because He didn’t love or care for us or anyone else? Most certainly it is because of the opposite! He so much loves us that He told us the Truth to save us from dying in the fires of hell! Our Lord doesn’t tell us that if our brother sins against us, we keep it inside and leave it all alone. Rather he tells us to go and lovingly tell that brother. Yet we must forgive, for anything done against us, and always in meekness and in Truth, let our brother or sister know if they have done wrong (whether to us or not), and give them your hand to help them get back up, and if needed, your shoulder to lean on to steady his or her walk again.

Showing partiality in the Truth, is not love nor seeking love. Rather, in meekness speaking the Word of God toward others, observing the Word of God, without preferring one before another, is Love. Why withhold the lifesaving and life-preserving Truth to those we do love? We mustn’t.

I love you truly, and pray each day for you. God Bless and guide you in all your ways and everything you speak. May He help us daily, healing us of our physical ailments, and our spiritual weaknesses. I pray He guides all of us in His Word, as we read each and every day, of the wonderful treasure found in Him! You stay strong in the Word and in the Faith of our Lord Jesus, and have blessed day today!

Love Always, In Christ,
Your friend forever,
And brother,

Psalm 119:103 “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”